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Mara Lowenstein
D. Mara Lowenstein advises both businesses and individuals on a variety of matters. With significant expertise in negotiation and contract drafting, Ms. Lowenstein is able to act as both an outsourced general counsel to a variety of businesses as well as a trusted counselor to individuals. Ms. Lowenstein focuses on maximizing profits while minimizing legal expenditures. A sampling of recent engagements have found Ms. Lowenstein assisting individuals in complex employment negotiations (both employment agreements and severance packages) and matters before the IRS, assisting small businesses with a variety of agreements as well as negotiating and successfully settling Fair Labor Standards Act and New York Labor Law disputes with the New York State Attorney General; the United States Department of Labor; and the New York Department of Labor on their behalf. Ms. Lowenstein has also recently successfully settled a number of private claims ranging from misappropriation of trade secrets to claims for defamation to wage/hour disputes to breach of contract.

Ms. Lowenstein is a generalist with expertise in litigation management, contract drafting and contract negotiation. Ms. Lowenstein’s approach to the law is holistic; she firmly believes that the relationship between legal advisor and small/medium-sized business owner or individual requires both personalized attention and an ability to think expansively and creatively. She knows that the right legal counsel is a critical tool in every business owner’s and successful individual’s toolbox.

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